Thank You Cards…Old School or Needed Today?

By Lisa E. Papp

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My parents required that my sisters and I promptly send out thank notes or cards when someone gave us a gift or showed us kindness and hospitality. We would create beautiful handmade thank you cards or, at the very least, we sent out store-bought cards with our messages of thanks and appreciation. We didn’t have email or texting capability back then but, even if we did, I don’t think my mother would have considered an email or text an appropriate thank you.

Even after the arrival and mainstream use of email and texts, I have continued to send out paper (“snail mail”) thank you and other greeting cards. Why? Isn’t that time-consuming and old-fashioned?

Why sending “snail mail” greeting cards is still relevant and powerful:

  1. As a business owner, manager, or salesperson, sending thank yous to your clients will make them feel special and valued. You will also retain those clients longer and they will likely refer others to your business. Perhaps you have heard this before… “People do business with people they like”. This is definitely true. People also do business with people and companies who make them feel special, valued, appreciated. You often have a choice, or many choices, of companies to use for the products or services you desire.I remember the positive customer service experiences where personable and attentive sales people or restaurant wait staff made me feel welcome and special. I choose to repeatedly frequent the businesses (in person or online) where I received great customer service. I also recommend those businesses to others, including posting on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and other social media sites. A business owner, sales person, or any professional who takes the time to send me a thank you email or “snail mail” thank you card is miles ahead of competing companies.
  2. As a job seeker, sending a thank you card will help you stand out from the crowd. In addition to your email thank you to the HR Director or company owner or manager who interviewed you, sending a proper thank you note tells the interviewer that you are serious about the job opportunity, that you are polite, that you are professional.
    “Data released by CareerBuilder shows 22 percent of hiring managers are less likely to hire a job candidate if they don’t send a thank you note after an interview because they believe it shows a lack of follow-through and that they aren’t serious about the job opportunity.” 
    ~ Lisa Quast,
  3. You will make people happy and your kindness will be remembered. These days, people receive mostly bills and junk mail and very few greeting cards in the mail. A birthday, get well, thank you, congratulations, holiday, or thinking of you card will make someone feel great and could even be a highlight of their day. You, as the sender, will also feel the positive effects of sending out gratitude. Research by Robert Emmons, Ph.D. and the Greater Good Science Center, University of California, Berkeley shows that gratitude heals, energizes, and changes lives by giving people hope and inspiration.

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