Social Media Management

We provide Social Media Management Services with Gratitude!

You know your company, industry, and clients and you are busy handling the myriad of ongoing tasks associated with your business.  We know social media, marketing, sales, and customer service.

Our Social Media Management approach is simple but effective as we work with you to create strategy and messaging that fits you and builds your brand. We then help you identify people, companies, and organizations that will benefit your company.

The Gratitude Approach to Social Media means that we take special care to personalize messages and consistently show appreciation to followers, prospects, and customers. As one example, many social media users don’t know or they forget how powerful and memorable it is to thank someone for connecting. We prefer using “connecting” to “following” because it’s the first step in good relationship-building, which is a crucial beginning to any networking or sales process.

Each platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more) has its own language, rules, and best practices.  Lisa and her team of Social Media Managers have taken online social media management training from some of the leaders in Digital and Social Marketing including Perry Marshall, Ryan Deiss, and Kate Buck. Lisa and her team’s ongoing study includes attending Social Media Management Week online training (presented by Social Media Examiner) and keeping up with the ever-changing social media rules and digital marketing landscape.

We specialize in Twitter and Indiegogo, as well as other crowdfunding campaigns, but also manage Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Some of our Social Media Management clients include:

→  The Connected Universe, Directed by Malcom Carter, is an upcoming documentary film that explores new understandings in scientific theory that reveal a bigger picture of interconnection than we have ever imagined.Connected Universe Supporter

Lisa led the Twitter Social Media Management effort beginning with the initial November 2014 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and ongoing:

  • Lisa and the team write and edit content for maximum engagement and impact.
  • The team builds followers and increases engagement for “The Connected Universe” Twitter community.
  • The team’s successful work helped the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign make history by earning $305,000, the largest documentary film campaign ever on Indiegogo. Due to the unprecedented amount raised, Indiegogo awarded “The Connected Universe” In Demand status (“forever funding”) so people can continue to donate. Thanks so much to social media management team member Wendy Sue Noah – – for the invaluable help on this project. Thank you also to team member Kari!
  • @ConnectdUnivrse on Twitter
  • We don’t manage this but get some of our content here: Facebook – TheConnectedUniverse

→  Inquire Within – A Guide to Living in SpiritSince 2010, Lisa and her team have managed Facebook and Twitter for this non-denominational, practical spiritual practice book and website. Lisa also participated in the graphic design, content editing, and printing project management for the ebook and paper book along with author and fabulous husband, James K. Papp. She manages the design and much of the content creation and editing for the website.


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